Observers: Heather Campbell, Nadejda Blagorodnova

Support team: Morgan Fraser

TAT: Joe Anderson, Maria Teresa Botticella


Moon down during all night

Humidity 40%, wind below 5m/s all night, some low clouds in the horizon non-photometric

Seeing  0.5" at the beginning of the night, subsequently around 1".


23.45    Start of twilight

             BR skyflats

00:03    L745a - spectrophotometric standard

00:34     LSQ12dlf

              8x100s V-band. Seeing < 1", but images have between 1.1" and 1.4" because of airmass ~2.5

01:11    Image Analysis

             Seeing around 0.8"

01:28    LSQ13ddu

             12x200s B-band

02:09   OGLE-2014-SN-022

            300s Gr#13 classification - Blue continuum. Narrow p-cygni Balmer lines consistent with redshift z=0.024. Approximate expansion velocity: -3114km/s.

02:15   OGLE-2014-SN-020

            1500s Gr#13 classification - Looks like SN II at maximum, z=0.08. Approximate expansion velocity: -12904km/s

02:42   LSQ14xi

           600s Gr#13 classification - SN Ia, -5d, z=0.05        

02:59   LSQ14mo

            3x1800s Gr#13

04:42   L745a - spectrophotometric standard

04:56  SN2013dg

           12x200s in r and 12x200s in i. Seeing 0.8" - 1.2"

07:24  SN2013bb

           4x300s in g. Seeing 0.8" - 1.0"

07:48  PS1-14on

           900s Gr#13 classification - SN Ia at z=0.06, around max

08:05  PS1-14nv

           600s Gr#13 classification - SN Ia at z=0.05, around max

08:20  OGLE-2014-SN-023

           900s Gr#13 classification - Not clear. Emission at 8400A. Seems to be p-cygni, but is not sure. In case of H alfa, the object would be at z=0.28.

08:50  PS1-14op

           Taken 2 aquisition images with 20 and 40s. The target was not visible, so we gave up.

08:56   EG274 - spectrophotometric standard

09:10   Twilight

09:25  LSQ14tc

           600s Gr#13 classification- SN Ia z=0.05 around max

09:37  CSS140222-141104+253050           

           600s Gr#13 classification - SNID matches with SN Ib at z=0.04 or SN IIb post max at z=0.02.

09:56  UVi morning sky flats