Night Report 2017-09-27

Observers: Kris Rybicki, Simon Hodgkin

TAT: Regis Cartier, Janet Chen

Support team: Morgan Fraser, Emma Callis

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats - apparently some problem with flats

Conditions: Thick cloud, closed at sunset.

00:45 Opened! (still somewhat cloudy)

01:17 Seeing 0.9 arcsec

~01:20 Refocussed

~01:50 Refocussed (Guide star looked like a comet)`

~03:35 Closed for Cloud

05:00 Reopening after cloud - but an issue with an interlock (dome/instrument rotation?) has forced the TO to go up to the telescope to clear it.

06:05 got on telluric STD. It's definitely clearer - though not clear - but target is hard to identify.

06:35 Swapped back to EFOSC

Then CLOSED for good, almost immediately

UT       Target            Type            Comment


12:55    EG131            STD             Still some cloud

01:34    AT2017gwx        Classify        Looks positively murky. Spectrum blue, Z=0 Balmer series in absorption, Halpha in emission.

01:55    AT2017gwt        Classify        SN Ia (norm, close to max, Z~0.06)

02:15    AT2017gwy        Classify        SN Ia (also close to max)

02:30    ATLAS17lau       Classify        Aimed for the galaxy nucleus in hope, but nothing obvious there: just a faint galaxy spectrum

02:50    Feige 110

03:22    AT2017gww        Classify        Observed in thickening cloud with GR13. Looks like a young SN type II

06:05    HIP024337_A      Telluric

06:15    N113-YSO04_A     Acquisition     Target not obvious from finding chart

06:53    Feige 110                        Aborted