Night report 2023-04-15

Observers: Timo Kravtsov, Thallis Pessi

Support: Claudia Gutiérrez, Lluís Galbany

TAT: Thomas Moore, Lluís Galbany, Nada Ihanec 

Start: 23:46 UT, humidity 37 %, wind speed 9.3 m/s, DIMM seeing 1.1"

Middle:  06:45 UT, humidity 31 %, wind speed 10.2 m/s, DIMM seeing 1.1"

End:  09:46 UT, humidity 33 %, wind speed 14 m/s, DIMM seeing 1.6"

Afternoon calibrations: Bias, spectral arcs

Morning calibrations: spectral arcs, dome flats

Issues with EFOSC calibrations caused some time lost during start. Seeing got worse by the end of the night and there was a pointing restriction toward north due to high wind.