Night Report 2015-01-20

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Lluís Galbany

Tpnight conditions are not photometric with some high clouds at the start of the night. We do EFOSC followup and classifications.

(times are in UT)


- 00:00 Sunset

- 23:30 PESSTO_SkyFF UVi

- 09:30 PESSTO_SkyFF grz

- 09:45 PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib


EFOSC observations  

- 01:00 ASASSN-14lw, Airmass=1.32, Seeing=0.72”

Comment: gr11+gr16 followup

- 02:02 SN2013hx, Airmass=1.5, Seeing=0.78”

Comment: followup imaging ri dither

- 03:53 STD l745, Airmass=1.03, Seeing=0.68” 

- 04:18 OGLE73, Airmass=1.5, Seeing=0.7”

Comment: followup gr13 3200s, very faint signal

- 05:45 ASASSN-15bf, Airmass=1.69, Seeing=0.46”

Comment: Class. gr13, Ia +10d z=0.047

- 06:03 OGLE30, Airmass=1.44, Seeing=0.75”

Comment: Class. gr13, Ia -1d, z=0.172

- 06:48 LSQ15cs, Airmass=1.27, Seeing=0.85”

Comment: Class. gr13, Ia +3, z=0.113

- 07:25 LSQ14mo, Airmass=1.03, Seeing=0.57”

Comment: Followup, imaging ri dither





- ASASSN-14lw, followup gr11+gr16, spectrum looks OK

- SN2013hx, followup ri imaging

- OGLE73, followup gr13 spectroscopy, very faint trace

- LSQ14mo, followup ri imaging


- ASASSN-15bf, Ia +10d z=0.047

- OGLE30, Ia -1d, z=0.172

- LSQ15cs, Ia +3, z=0.113