Night report 2024-06-02

Night report 02/06/2024

Observers: Katja Matilainen, Christian Vassallo, Timo Kravtsov

Support: Thomas Killestein, Panos Charalampopoulos, Niilo Koivisto, Hanin Kuncarayakti

TAT: Andrea Reguitti, Lluís Galbany, Tanja Petrushevska

Afternoon: bias, PESSTO_calib (arcs), Gr18+20 arcs.

Evening twilight: -

Morning twilight: - 

Start: Night started out cloudy, telescope was closed until UT 01:22. Weather at UT 03:00: humidity 10%, temperature 16.9C, wind 4.7 m/s. Clear sky, seeing around 1.2 arcseconds.

Mid:  Weather at UT 05:00: humidity 10%, temperature 17.4C, wind 7.4 m/s. Clear sky, seeing around 1.4 arcseconds.

End: Weather at UT 09:00: humidity 10%, temperature 17.9C, wind 8.5 m/s. Clear sky, seeing around 0.9 arcseconds.

Comments: DIMM seeing monitor not working; seeing estimated from imaging. Lost the first ~3h to clouds.

Night report 2024-06-02