Night Report page 20130129

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger


Observations with EFOSC2, SOFI and EFOSC2 again

EFOSC2 calibration done in the afternoon

UT 23:52    UBVRi sky flats

UT 00:23    Image Analysis

UT 00:57    SN 2013F     airmass=2.33        UBVRi 

--DIMM SEEING 0.74"--

UT 1:22     STDSPECGD71 airmass=1.44        g11,13,16 sl 1.0

UT 1:36     Initialization of Active Optics + Image Analysis

UT 1:56     LSQ12hot     airmass=1.47       BVRi

UT 03:36    The g13 sl 1.0  spectra of LSQhot were initiated, acquisition and slit position were good, but there was some problem reading at the end of the exposure. Rebooting of camera was necessary and the spectra were lost! 

UT 04:03  Camera detector electronics not functioning. Problem is trying to be solved but it will take a long time, so we have decided to move to SOFI and try to complete photometry of SN 2013K and get NIR data for some other supernovae, even if not requested. 

UT 04:27    SN 2013K       airmass=2.30      HKs

UT 04:59    EFOSC2 is back. Focus. Image Analysis.

--DIMM SEEING 1.11"--

UT 05:31    STDSPEC1745    airmass=1.12      g11,13,16 sl 1.0

UT 05:45    LSQ13fn        airmass=1.14      UBVRi  g11 sl 1.0

UT 07:35    SN 2012hs      airmass=1.12      g11 g16 sl 1.0