Padova PESSSTO Meeting - April 2013

Meeting Programme (updated 18-4-2013)

Coinciding with the PESSTO meeting, the City of Padova has organized a number of events for celebrating the Nobel Prize awarded to Brian Schmidt, after having awarded the Padova Citta' delle Stelle prize in 2005 to Brian Schmidt and Saul Perlmutter. 

Sunday 28th April : Sunday 28 (about h.8 p.m.)  : light dinner and wine testing (with Brian). Locandina Cantinetta, at about 5 km out of the city center (Limena). The event is informal, expected price 20-30euro per person. Confirmation REQUIRED in advance : Caterina Boccato ( 

Monday 29th April (PDF of talks available at bottom of page)  

Session chair : M. Sullivan 

09:00 - Survey status and updates - Overview of survey from Target and Alert Team (S. Smartt, 1hr)

10:00 - Plans for the PESSTO Marshall (D. Young, 25mins)

10:30 - Discussion

10:50 - coffee break

11:20 - Status of the PESSTO Pipeline (S. Valenti, 20mins)

11:45 - PESSTO Pipeline installation - FAQ (K. Smith, 20 mins) 

12:10 - Status of the Trieste Archive (R. Smareglia, 25 mins)

12:40 - Lunch break

Session chair :  S. Mattila

14:00 - Gaia Transient Classification (N. Blagorodnova, 20 mins)

14:25 - Spectroscopic follow-up from WiFeS (M. Childress, 20 mins)

14:50 -  Status of LCOGT facilities; follow-up from LCOGT and PESSTO collaboration (S. Valenti) 

15:15 - Liverpool Telescope follow-up  - updates from LJMU (Mazzali,Bersier, James - presented by S. Smartt) 

15:30 - coffee break

16:00 - Update from SkyMapper (B. Schmidt 20 mins)

16:25 - Update from LSQ (Charlie Baltay 25mins  - by skype/telecon)

17:00 - VLT proposal  and Discussion on European Funding (Stephen and Mark  - general discussion)

20:00 - Social dinner

Tuesday 30th April

Session chair : S. Smartt

09:00 - Type Ibn SNe discovered by La Silla- QUEST and OGLE-IV followed with BLP and PESSTO (A. Pastorello)

09:20 - SN 2012ca updates (C. Inserra) 

09:40 - SN 2009ip, IIn follow-up and SN2013ai (M. Fraser) 

10:10 - The Type IIP Supernova 2012aw in M95: photometric and spectroscopic evolution of the photospheric phase. (M. Dall'Ora)

10:30 - Preliminary results on photometric and spectrosopic evolution of SN 2012ec (C. Barbarino)

10:50 - coffee break

11:15 - SNe Ia: Linking their observed properties and host environments to their progenitors (K. Maguire) 

11:45  - Theoretical modelling for PESSTO : (Maria Letizia Pumo)

12:05 - Short communications on on-going follow-up campaigns:

        1. SN 2013F (N. Elias-Rosa)

        2. SSS130221:133330-194457 (Leonardo Tartaglia)

        3. Asiago monitoring of the PESSTO target SN 2012ht (M. Miluzio)

        4. Super-luminous SNe with PESSTO (M. Nicholl)

        5. New automatic classifier for transient events (M. de Pascale)

12:50 - lunch break

Session convenor : M. Fraser

14:00 - 15.15 : PESSTO Pipeline examples and walk through tutorials (Morgan Fraser - with input from Stefano Valenti)

15.30 - Lectio Magistralis by Brian Schmidt in the ancient Aula Magna of the University of Padova.

Logistical and practical information

Location : Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, Vicolo Osservatorio 5 - 35122 - PADOVA

The meeting will be held in Sala Jappelli

Click here for : Places to stay

Social dinner on Monday 29th April.

Please, for special menu requirements (vegetarian, etc...)  send an email to

Confirmed attendees

A. Pastorello, S. Benetti, M. Turatto, E. Cappellaro, L. Tomasella, S. Spiro, L. Tartaglia, M. Miluzio, M. L. Pumo (INAF, Padova)

G. Terraran (QUB/OAPd); M. De Pascale (ESO/OAPd)

S. Smartt, M. Fraser, D. Young, C. Inserra, K. Smith, M. Nicholl (QUB)

M. Della Valle, M. Dall'Ora, M.T. Botticella and C. Barbarino  (from INAF-Osservatorio di capodimonte Naples) 

R. Smareglia, M. Molinari, C. Knapic (Trieste)

S. Valenti (LCOGT) 

K. Maguire (Oxford) 

N. Elias-Rosa (IEEC - Barcelona) 

M. Sullivan (Southampton) 

N. Blagorodnova (Cambridge) 

A. Gal-Yam (Weizmann) 

M. Childress, B. Schmidt (ANU)

F. Taddia (Stockholm University)

S. Hachinger (Univ. Würzburg, will come somewhat late on Monday)

S. Mattila, E. Kankare (University of Turku)

S. Taubenberger (MPA Garching)

Some tips on how to reach Padova

The nearest airport is Venice, but it is also possible to fly Verona or Treviso if fares are cheeper.

From Venice and Treviso you may get to Padova via bus service, or via "Taxi collettivo" AirService to be booked 24h before arrival.

From Venice airport there are regular bus connection to the train station.

From Treviso airport you may get to the local train station via bus ACTT n. 6.

Also from Verona airport there is a regular bus connection (every 20 min) to the local train station from 6.35 to 23.35. 

You may get the train connections from here.