Observers: Nadia Blagorodnova, Nic Walton

Support team: Morgan Fraser

TAT: Michel Dennefeld & Stefan Taubenberger


Moon - quarter 2, Illum 66% - sets UT 05.15

Start of night: Wind 2m/s, Humidity 36%. Thin haze. No clouds. Looks photometric. DIMM seeing 0.7".

Middle of night: Wind 3m/s, Humidity 20%. No clouds. Still photometric. DIMM seeing 0.8".

End of night: Wind 5m/s, Humidity 40%. No clouds. Still photometric. DIMM seeing 0.9".

The night was PHOTOMETRIC


19:00 Bias, Dome Flats and Arcs.

23.14 Sunset

23:25 iR skyflats

23.45 LTT745a spectrophotometric standard / 1 and 1.5 arcsec slits Gr11/16/13

00:05 Image analysis

00.15 PS1-14pw classification --> Target 20º from the Moon. Red (3800K) continuum with some (small) emission around 4700A (He II?).

00.28 Twilight

00.31 SKY_J1353283-575750

1x1800s Gr#16, 1x1800s Gr#11

01.50 PG1087 Photometric field in V,R, i

01.58 SN2014ai Followup --> 150s R, i

02.20 LSQ14abd

2x2700s Gr#16, 2x2700s Gr#11

05.38 LSQ14ahb classification --> Looks like SN II, pre-max at z=0.03.

06.05 LSQ14age classification --> SN Ia, +1d, z=0.06.

06.40 LSQ14ahf classification --> Not very clear... Maybe a SLSN?

07.15 PSN J13480599+0723164 classification --> Strong narrow Balmer lines, HeI and Ca lines at z=0.02. SNID says SN IIn, +150d?.

07.30 PS1-14pi classification --> Type II, +2w, z=0.02.

07.40 SWITCH to SOFI

07.53 GROJ1744 under the program ID. 292.D-5038(A).

08.15 LSQ14pt, SOFI H band


09.06 LSQ14agf. Target not visible in the acquisition image. (40s)

09.10 LSQ14acj. Target not visible in the acquisition image. (40s)

09.19 PS1-14rl. Target not visible in the acquisition image. (60s)

09.19 Twilight

09.24 EGD274 Spectrophotometric standard.

10:00 Dome flats and arcs