NIght report page - 20131013

Observers: Cosimo Inserra, Ting-Wan Chen

Support team: J. Polshaw, S. Smartt

TAT on duty: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Morgan Fraser


Subrun 3, night 1

Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 2.5 m/s; humidity 33 % ; no clouds

middle: wind speed  5.4 m/s; humidity 17 %;  no clouds

end: wind speed  8.2 m/s; humidity 10%;  no clouds 


EFOSC2 bias

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic flats and rcs

EFOSC2 Skyflats BRz


Target                                    Type                 UT         Filter/Grism      Slit            Seeing    Grade (A/B/C)     Comments

LTT7379    STD    23:50    gm11/gm13/gm16    1./1.5    0.9"    A (re-focus)

SN2012ca    FOLLOW-UP    00:03    gm13    1.    0.75"    A

SN2013fs    FOLLOW-UP    (strange noise in the images, so we observed images first, hope it will decrease) B

(UT 02:25 - 02:54) ISSUE TIME

We did a test bias for checking the noise, the pattern was still there and was the same found for LSQ13bnx in the classification spectrum.

The TO at the beginning tried to change a cable at the NTT, but it did not improve, after that we restarted EFOSC2

but even in this case we did not have a good luck. 

After a discussion with the daily TO and that of the 3.6 we decided to change the wind rotator

and apparently it worked. Unfortunately it worked for just 1 image and from the 2nd we had again the problem.

The TO went again to the NTT to physically shut down the detector and restart the machine.

After 4 test clear images without the electronic noise we decided to start again the observation and do not switch to SOFI.

OGLE-2013-SN-079    FOLLOW-UP    03:33    g11/g16    1.    1"    C         (Aborted after the first spectrum)

Changed to SOFI due to the noise pattern (UT 04:35 - 04:44)

OGLE-2013-SN-079    FOLLOW-UP    04:55    JHK    -    0.8"    A

PSNJ01591443+1 90139    FOLLOW-UP    06:12    JHK    -    0.6"    A (We had to do last sky_K after because when we modified the OB, the TO put the wrong number of exposure: 15 instead of 16)

SN2013fc   FOLLOW-UP  08:54  JHK    -    0.7"  A


Please note that the followup spectra of SN2013fs and OGLE-2013-SN-079 were badly affected by electronic noise and therefore the reductions have not been uploaded to WISeREP.