Night Report Page - 20120825

High priority follow-up targets


    1. SNhunt 121 - faint Ic (S. Valenti) : paper well developed. Waiting EFOSC2 imaging and xshooter spectrum (Cosimo has Stefano's request: BVRi) DONE

    2. LSQ12dyw - blue transient (Smartt/Hadjiyska) : Gr13 + UBVRi DONE

    3. LSQ12dlf - blue transient (Smartt) : Gr13 + UBVRi DONE

    4. SSS120810:231802-560926 - blue transient (Smartt) : Gr13 + UBVRi DONE

    5. SN2012ec - progenitor (J. Maund) : Gr13 + SOFI (SOFI is lower priority) DONE OPT

    6. SN2012dy energetic IIb (Bufano) : Gr13 + UBVRi + SOFI (SOFI is lower priority) DONE OPT

    7. LSQ12dwl == PTF12gzk == PS1-12baa : Peculiar Ic (Mazzali) : Gr11+16 UBVRi + SOFI (SOFI is lower priority) DONE OPT

    8. SN2012ca : bright IIn (R. Scalzo and C. Inserra) : Cosimo to decide obs DONE

Night Report

Observers : C. Inserra (QUB) Flora Cellier-Holzem (LPHNE)

Data analysts on duty : M. Fraser, D. Wright, A. Pastorello

Time shared with Benetti Large Program (BLP) over the third three nights rather than the breakdown of firewalled nights - this was due to RA pressue ranges of targets and having to work around the weather. Data reduced, as much as possible with the PESSTO pipeline

Total time spent BLP on 20120825 : 5h

Total time overall in Aug 2012 : 30.5h (out of total of about 64hr clear)

Total time lost on 20120825: 0h

All times CST and approximate 18.45 some clouds, no sky flats 19.10 start BLP 19,15 STD EG24 gm11+gm13+gm16(blk flt)+gm13(blk flt) 19.30 SN2011hp V BLP follow-up seeing~0.6-0.7 20.10 PESSTO Classification 20.20 LSQ12emc gm13. Used PESSTOEFOSCPHOT to be sure about the object. Coordinates matching with SDSS J203859.88-050219.0 (g~18.4), the SN should be fainter of ~0.5 mag than the star in the same position. No idea. From a quick extraction the star is dominant. seeing~0.7

20.45 LSQ12elq gm13+UBVRi follow-up seeing~0.6-0.7 The feature at ~8830A (present into two different extractions) could be the Ha, suggesting a z~0.345, with this redshift a feature is present also close to the position of Hb (error of 7-10A). Following this redshift, the magnitude of the object at maximum (observed) light was -23.70, maybe too much for an ULSNe.

21.28 Switch to BLP 21.30 2009ip gm11+UBVRi BLP follow-up seeing~0.8 22.20 markA UBVRi BLP

22.25 Switch to SOFI 22.30 2012dy JHKs+BG + telluric + fluxSTD (BD17) BLP seeing~0.8

00.30 PS1-12baa JHKs + BG + telluric PESSTO follow-up

02.10 SN2009ip JHKs+BG+telluric BLP follow-up

03.30 SN2012ec JHKs + BG +telluric PESSTO follow-up

05.00 Switch to EFOSC2 05.10 LSQ12eli gm13 PESSTO classification Best match with Ic +3d at z~0.145. Cutting the two big features on the red the best match (better than the previous one) is with several Ia at 12-14d post maximum light (same redshift of the Ic) but the light curve of LSQ shows a rise until 5 days ago. seeing~1.2 05.35 LSQ12egy gm13 PESSTO classification. We used PESSTOEFOSCPHOTO but following the astrometry the SN was non in the field. The telescope instead was pointing at the right coordinates and in fact we identified the object. No idea. 06.00 FINISH!!