Priorities for April 2015 Classifications

TAT on duty :

9-12 April: Joe Anderson, Richard Scalzo

16-18 April: Annalisa De Cia, Lluís Galbany

25-27 April: Michel Dennefeld, Nancy Elias-Rosa

Priority list for classification that should get the best science return during the Summer break is shown again below. Do remember to include some Southern targets in the classification queue (even at lower priority) in case of wind direction constraints.

Priority for classification:

  1. LSQ classification targets that are being followed by LCOGT. In these cases the PESSTO data are useful beyond an ATEL, since LSQ will use them scientifically with their follow-up lightcurves. There is a science return from these spectra.

  2. Gaia targets that are equatorial (since they can be followed from the north by people with other facilities, many of which are northerly). Equatorial defined as dec > -30

  3. Other targets that are equatorial (for the same reasons), but bright. Since many of the northern facilities for follow-up (e.g Asiago, NOT, LT) are smaller apertures. Let’s say m < 18

  4. Gaia targets of any declination

  5. Southern targets from all surveys