SSDR3 Phase III PESSTO Object Photometry Catalogue

This multi-epoch photometric catalogue shall contain the photometric data from all of the PESSTO light curves for datasets completed before 1st May 2016. Each row in this catalogue consists of the photometric measurements for one source obtained at one epoch and the catalogue is linked to the PESSTO Transient Catalogue via the unique TRANSIENT_ID.

The first release of this catalogue contained 18 PESSTO objects and can be found here:

Note, we do NOT need the photometry data for these object again.

For the next release of this catalogue we need to include all PESSTO photometry from datasets PUBLISHED before 31st July 2016. Below is a table of the 174 transients that PESSTO has followed that were added to the Marshall before 1st May 2016, but were not included in the first release of this catalogue.

ACTION: PIs if your paper has been published or has been submitted and you assume it shall be in press by July 2016, please send Dave Young a table of the photometry (TEX format/plain text is preferable)