Night report 2024-06-11

Night report 2024 - 06 - 11

Observers: Thomas Moore, Heloise Stevance

Support: Janet Chen, Amar Aryan and Aiswarya Sankar.K, Bo-Chun Chen, Jun-Lei Wu, Chia-Yu Cheng

TAT: Santiago GonzalezClaudia Gutiérrez, Michel Dennefeld

Afternoon: bias, PESSTO_calib (arcs + dome flats)

Evening twilight: - None

Morning twilight: - 

Start: Weather at UT 00:00: humidity 6%, temperature 14.8 C, wind 15.2 m/s. Telescope closed due to high wind.

Mid:  Weather at UT 04:00: humidity  9%, temperature 14.3 C, wind 14.8 m/s. Telescope closed due to high wind.

End: Weather at UT 08:00: humidity 11%, temperature 13.7 C, wind 18.4 m/s.Telescope closed due to high wind.

Comments: DIMM seeing monitor not working; seeing estimated from imaging.  Telescope closed all night due to high winds and clouds.

Night report 2024-06-11