Night report 2017-09-13

Observers: Mariusz Gromadzki, Kris Rybicki

TAT: Joe Anderson, Annalisa De Cia

Support team: Morgan Fraser, Emma Callis

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats,

Conditions: Clouds and high humidity at the first hour of the night, then humidity decrease to 23%  seeing around 1.3 

UT       Target            Type            Comment


00:12    ATLAS2017jrp        class         Gr13 silt=1.5

00:34    AT2017grw           class         Gr13 galaxy - maybe wrong object?

00:55    EG274               standard 

01:33    AT2017fwm           followup      Gr13          slit=1.0

02:28    SMT17scn            followup      Gr11&Gr16

04:25    AT2017gpp           followup      Gr11&Gr16   

06:27    AT2017gsa           class         Gr13         CV in outburst? 

06:50    Feige110            standard      exposure without guiding because of guider problem

         Technical problem with guider     10min lost

07:10    EFOSC -> SOFI

         Technical problem with guider & SOFI detector   1h 10min (50min+20min) lost

08:30    Feige110            standard     

08:40    HIP021545           telluric     TEL_AT2017gax

08:53    AT2017gax           followup     BG + JHK

09:35    HIP029337           telluric     TEL_AT2017fzw

09:57    AT2017fzw           followup     BG