Night Report 2019-03-17

Observers: Valéry Brinnel, Ana Sagués Carracedo, Cristina Barbarino

Support Team: LeonardoTartaglia, Jesper Sollerman

TAT: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman




dome flat and arcs (evening)

skyflats (evening): UBVRi

arcs (morning)


Start: Humidity 29%, wind speed 2.0, seeing: 0.6, thin clouds

Middle (5 ut): Humidity 9%, wind speed 3.4, seeing: 0.8

End: Humidity 16%, wind speed 3.9, seeing: 0.5


The seeing value from the DIMM wasn't always reliable when compared with the images. In those cases, we were estimating the seeing from the acq images.

Instrument - EFOSC2

UT Target Type Setup airmass Seeing(DIMM) texp notes

23:56 SN2019abu Follow-up gr13 1.8 1.2* 2700s *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

00:47 LTT3864 Std gr11+13+16,sl1+1.5 1.2 0.7* *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

01:13 SN2019rm Follow-up gr13 1.5 0.8* 2200s *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

01:52 AT2019ahk Follow-up gr13 1.3 0.9* 1200s *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

02:29 SN2018iuq Follow-up gr13 1.6 1.1 2x1800s

03:36 SN2019bao Follow-up gr11 1.2 1 1800s

04:14 SN2017ijn Follow-up z 1.1 1 120s

04:25 SN2017ijn Follow-up gr11 1.1 1 2x2000s

05:42 SN2017ijn Follow-up gr16 1.4 0.8* 2x2000s *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

07:16 SN2017ens Follow-up gr16 1.3 0.8* 2x2700s SN position is the faint trace at around 710. Better signal in the second exposure. *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

09:33 LTT7379 Std gr11+13+16,sl1+1.5 1.1 0.8* *Seeing estimated from the acq image.

09:49 End of the night