Night Report 2015-03-10

Observers : Morgan Fraser

Support team : Southampton (Mat Smith and others?)

TAT : Joe Anderson, Cosimo Inserra

Start of night: clear sky, but with some haze towards the horizon, 5 m/s wind, 35% humidity

Moon from 02.10 onwards at 75% illumination

End of night: clear sky, no clouds, 1km/s wind, no clouds

Seeing ~<1" throughout night

As this is the brightest night of the subrun, the plan was to start with EFOSC to do the time critical followup target OGLE-073 before the moon was up; then concentrate on SOFI observations for most of the night; before switching back to EFOSC2 at the end of the night for some bright classification targets (when all NIR targets were below airmass 2).

Afternoon calibrations: EFOSC_bias, EFOSC_FlatSpec, EFOSC_SpecArc

23.14 Sunset

23.27 UVi skyflats

23.54 Spectrophotometric standard LTT745a

00.04 PSNJ07361576-6930230

Gr#13 classification - SN Ia

00.20 OGLE-2014-SN-073

Took 30s acquisition image, used PESSTOEFOSCPHOT to check astrometry.

Nothing obvious at position of SN, so aborting spectra and taking BVRi imaging instead.

Faint source present in all bands in imaging

01.42 PS15br

Gr#13 classification. Blue and featureless spectrum, with superimposed narrow Halpha,

Hbeta and Oi 5007 lines at z=0.10. Abs mag at this redshift is -20.2.

02.02 Moon up - switch to SOFI

02.09 Switchover complete, starting image analysis

02.20 ASASSN-14ko

JHK imaging (seeing <1")

02.44 OGLE-2014-SN-073

JHK imaging

03.59 PS15ae

JHK imaging

05.15 PS15ae

BG spectroscopy

06.48 Hip077338 Telluric std

06.53 PSNJ10544216-2104138

BG spectroscopy

Due to elevation, I couldn't get JHK imaging for flux cal. I will get this at the start of tomorrow night.

08.27 HIP090574 Telluric std Not used, double star

HIP090869 Telluric std

08.40 EG274 flux standard

08.52 Switch back to EFOSC2 (delay as one of the systems froze)

Skipping image analysis as it would take too long, so PSF is not great. Should be ok for spectra though.

09.04 ASASSN-15ek

Gr#13 classification, CV

09.16 MASTERJ135329.90-421622.5

Gr#13 classification, blue and fairly featureless - perhaps some weak narrow lines?

09.19 Twilight

09.34 PSNJ20580766-5147074

Gr#13 classification, Ibc at z=0.02?

09.46 LTT7379 standard

09.57 LSQ15st Aborted after acquisition - too bright

Gr#13 classification

10.02 BR skyflats

10.32 Sunrise