Night Report 2014-09-29

Observers: Chris Ashall, Nic Walton

TAT: kate, stefan

Data reducers: Morgan Fraser, Nadia Blagorodnova

red text=classification

Conditions: heavy clouds to the south and generally poor transparency.

UT 23:11: NTT has not opened

UT 00:22: Dome has opened, std star EG131


UT 01:20: LSQ14fne SN Ia, -5d, z=0.127

UT 01:40: LSQ14fnt SN Ia-pec +4d, z=0.081

UT 02:05: NGC7552-OT gr11, gr16


UT 03:45: switch to SOFI and image analysis, NGC772-OT1 J-band

UT 05:38: ASASSN-14gm BG + RG spectra observed

UT 06.52: ASASSN-14ha BG + RG

seeing ~1'

UT 07.20: SN2013fc J and H templates

UT 09:10: STDLTT3218