Observers: Massimo Turatto, Susanna Spiro

Support team: S.Benetti, N.Elias-Rosa

TAT on duty: Maria Teresa Botticella, Annalisa De Cia


Subrun 2, night 1

Instruments: EFOSC2

Note: weather forecastat Calsky usr/pwd: lasilla/ .5arcsec


bad during the day (and those before) but improving.

beginning: wind speed 2 m/s; humidity 90 % ; clouds

middle: wind speed 9 m/s; humidity 90 %; clear, dome closed

end: wind speed 8 m/s; humidity 40%; clear


EFOSC2 bias first sequence, avg~198 constant, std~10-14, few px at high counts (cosmic-like)

EFOSC2 Spectroscopic flats and arcs ok

EFOSC2 bias 2nd sequence, avg~202 constant, std~9-11, few px at high counts (cosmic-like)

alignement slit 1.0 and 1.5 checked slit positions (989 and 990, resp) correspond to the setup parameters


Dome opens at 02:45 Local Time: seeing 1.5"

Target Type UT Filter/Grism Slit Seeing Grade (A/B/C) Comments

L745a STD 06:00 gm11,13,16 1.0,1.5 1.6 A

Ogle-2013-SN-079 follow-up 04:45 Vriz 1.6-2.0 B

seeing too bad, ~ 2.5" ==> classifications only

Ogle-2013-SN-109 classif 07:00 gm13 1.5 2.0 B visible, fast redu => SNIa

Ogle-2013-SN-090 classif 08:00 gm13 1.5 2.4 B close to gal. center, SNII or AGN ??

Ogle-2013-Nova-02 classif 08:50 gm13 1.5 3.0 !! A V~13, impossible to do anything else !!


EFOSC2 sky Flat rz (5 r, 4 z, g fails)