Night report page - 20130207

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger

Observations with SOFI.

Cloudy at South at the beginning of the night. Humidity between 57% and 70% all night.


**The electricity in La Silla fell down again (yesterday the same thing happened). Despite having a generator, the passage from one to another has made the TO to restart all the telescopes and instruments.

SOFI calibration data done in the afternoon

**The guide camera has some problem that the TO could not resolve this afternoon. So, we are going to observe just with the tracking of the telescope. Therefore, we cannot do image analysis (we need the guide for this). After the electricity cut, we do not know how EFOSC2 can work if we shift to this instrument because this has not being tested in the afternoon.

--DIMM SEEING 0.97"--

UT 00:25 Focus

UT 00:35 Hip010502 airmass=1.32 BG Telluric STD for SN2012ec.

UT 00:50 SN2012ec airmass=1.36 BG

--DIMM SEEING 0.96"--

UT 02:20 Hip036187 airmass=1.61 BG RG Telluric STD for OGLE-2012-SN-006.

UT 02:40 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=1.65 BG The SN is too faint.

UT 05:35 Hip014112 airmass=2.31 BG Telluric STD for OGLE-2012-SN-006.

--DIMM SEEING 0.58"--

UT 05:40 SN2013K airmass=2.17 JHKs

UT 06:27 GD153 airmass=1.91 BG Flux STD. OB template with low exposures.

--DIMM SEEING 0.98"--

UT 06:38 PSNJ15213475-0722183 airmass=2.14 JHKs

--DIMM SEEING 1.02"--

UT 07:51 EG274 airmass=1.55 BG Flux STD.

UT 07:58 LSQ13fn airmass=1.01 JHKs

UT 09:20 END of the night.

Good night