Night Report 2019-11-03

Observers: Panos Charalampopoulos, Daniele Malesani

Support Team: Charlotte Angus, Luca Izzo, Giorgos Leloudas

TAT: Regis Cartier, Simon Prentice, Michel Dennefeld, Priscila J. Pessi



bias, specflats and arcs (afternoon)

skyflats (morning) UBVRi


Start: Humidity 62%, wind speed 3.3 m/s, seeing: 1.3"

Middle: Humidity 30%, wind speed  7.2 m/s , seeing: 1.3"

End : Humidity 19%, wind speed  9.3 m/s, seeing: 1.3"


23:30 UT: The telescope is not working because there is a problem with the "amplifiers of the azimuth" and it seems it can't be solved from the control room so a technician is going to the telescope to check.

00:50 UT: We have opened! Thin clouds in the sky.