Night Report 2014-12-22

Observers: Pierre-François Léget, Nicolas Chotard & Marine Ducrot

TAT: Joe Anderson & Annalisa de Cia

The sky is perfectly clear tonight. We will do EFOSC observations. Spectroscopic and photometric night.



    - 21:00UT: 1x PESSTO_calib

    - 21:45UT: 1x PESSTO_bias

    - 23:45UT: Sunset


     EFOSC observations

    - 23:55UT: skyflat UVi

    - 00:20UT: skyflat grz, just g and a part of r done

    - 00:35UT: CSS140925:223344-062208 not done, field unknown

    - 00:45UT: SN2009ip photometry BVRi band. Airmass 1.54 Seeing 0.53"

    - 01:00UT: EFOSC failed (shutter), we restart the acquisition

    - 01:20UT: EFOSC failed again, the filter B has been done (3/5 of acquisitions succeded). We restart the acquisition for the filter V

    - 01:30UT: Failure. Just one time of acquisition in V filter obtained. We restart the acquisition for the filter V.

    - 01:50UT: Vma2 Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16). Airmass 1.55 Seeing 0.52"

    - 02:20UT: PG0231 photometry UBVRi. Airmass 1.28, Seeing 0.6"

    - 02:35UT: ASASSN-14lw gm11+gm16 spectra. Airmass 1.27 Seeing 0.55"

    - 03:45UT: LSQ14fxj photometry gri band. Airmass 1.50 Seeing 0.45"

    - 04:25UT: T_phe Standar star photometry UBVRi

    - 04:35UT: gd71 Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16). Airmass 1.42 Seeing 0.61"

    - 05:05UT: 2013hx Photometry gri band. Airmass 1.85 Seeing 0.65"

    - 06:05UT: LSQ14mo Photometry V band. Airmass 1.33 Seeing 0.65"

    - 07:43UT: ASASSN14lp gm11+gm16 spectra. Airmass 1.93 Seeing 0.66"

    - 08:20UT: LTT3864 Spectroscopic standard star (gm11, gm13, gm16) Airmass 1.02 Seeing 0.72"

    - 08:40UT: RU149 Photometric standard UBVRi. Airmass 1.49 Seeing 0.72"

    - 08:50UT: LSQ14GIG Classification. Airmass 1.08 Seeing 0.67" -> failed, sky too bright

    - 09:10UT: skyflat BR, too late for the z band


with EFOSC:

SN2009ip photometry BVRi band

PG0231 photometry UBVRi

ASASSN-14lw gm11+gm16 spectra

LSQ14fxj photometry gri band

2013hx Photometry gri band

LSQ14mo Photometry V band

ASASSN14lp gm11+gm16 spectra