Phase 3 data submission #4 for the public spectroscopic survey PESSTO (188.D-3003) and submission #1 for ePESSTO (191.D-0935)

Dear Stephen,


According to the general Phase 3 policy for ESO public surveys and large programmes, we wish to coordinate the activities of the Phase 3 data submissions with the survey/LP PIs. This call solicits the Phase 3 submission #4 for the spectroscopic survey PESSTO and submission #1 for the large programme ePESSTO. Such data releases are important milestones that are monitored by the Public Survey Panel (PSP), as part of the ESO Public Survey Program, and the OPC. 


With this email, we would like to provide you with useful information for the preparation of the next steps. Please find below a summary of the topics covered by the current email:


1. News and FAQs on the Phase 3 web pages

2. PSS PESSTO data submission#4 and ePESSTO submission#1

3. Manage your Phase 3 submission

4. Important dates


1. New and FAQs on the Phase 3 web pages


The Phase 3 system supports the submission, validation and publication of science data through the ESO/SAF. We have implemented enhanced checks in order to simplify the tracking of the original data to the high level data products, e.g. catalogues and deep spectra, among other improved checks. Please keep up-to-date with the latest news on the Phase 3 web page that are available here:


These latest updates are to be taken into account for the preparation of spectroscopic data products and catalogues prior to their upload in the ESO Phase 3 ftp staging area .


2. PSS data submission – 1D spectra and catalogue


According to the general Phase 3 policy for ESO public surveys, the PI of the Public Spectroscopic Survey PESSTO is invited to submit the1D spectra and higher-level data products, i.e. stacked spectra and catalogues of the physical parameters for the targeted objects, based on the complete observations for the PESSTO survey.


We ask the PI and PESSTO survey team delegates to upload the extracted and calibrated 1D spectra with unique source identifier (OBJECT keyword), OB-level 1D spectra as well as co-added spectra that are to be released for PESSTO DR4 in the Phase 3 ftp staging area. Catalogues of the physical parameters (i.e. catalogue of transients, light curve data) extracted from these spectra are now solicited for submission also.


For the Phase 3 submission of ePESSTO, we invite the submission #1 with a similar content as that described for the PESSTO submission above,  for the data acquired from April 2017 to March 2018.


The content of public survey deliverables is also summarised on the Phase 3 web pages

for your convenience.


All data products must comply with the ESO Science Data Products standard at

and the latest changes recorded in the Phase3 FAQ page at


The documentation, i.e. standard document, latest changes from the FAQ page, user manual, Phase 3 upgrade news and changes documentation, are available from


3.  Manage your Phase 3 submission 


To streamline the upload and validation of your PSS submission, we kindly ask you to contact ASG ( at least **one month** before starting the upload and provide a preview of the data submission, in terms of kind of products, number of files and total expected data volume.


You will be able to upload your data products, spectra products and catalogues, in the same release, via the Phase 3 release manager (RM). As a consequence, ASG require the preparation of one release description covering the whole set of products. In this way, ASG will receive a consistent overview of the products with the goal of addressing possible inconsistencies between different products. To stream line the content validation and publication of the uploaded products for this Phase 3 call it is crucial that the PIs and their team provide a complete and correct description of the release content in terms of number of files and data volume per type of products in the release description (“release-description.pdf”). 


The Phase 3 overview available at provides more details about the release definition and how best it adapts to the PI's needs.


4. Important dates


The Phase 3 submission infrastructure to manage the upload of your science data is already active. Please login to the Phase3ftp with your ESO credentials and change directory to (PESSTO DR4) or (ePESSTO submission #1). Once your upload is completed and the Phase 3 submission(s) is(are) in a valid state, the data will be validated for science compliance and content, before they are ingested and published through the ESO archive for access by the ESO community.  Please complete the upload and submit your Phase 3 releases before September 30th,  2019.


We kindly ask you to acknowledge reception of this Phase 3 call by replying to this email.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, by sending an email to, Subject: Phase 3 PSS PESSTO DR4 (or ePESSTO DR1) 


Best Regards,


Magda Arnaboldi

On behalf of the Archive Science Group