Night report page - 20130219

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger


Observations with EFOSC2. Humidity around 40% all night. Slight variation of the seeing along the night.

Calibration data done in the afternoon.

UT 23:46 skyflats UBVR

UT 00:10 Focus + image analysis

UT 00:29 L745a airmass=1.14 gr11,13,16 sl 1.0 Flux STD

NOTE: We have made a test for this STD using EFOSC_img_acq_NarrowSlit instead of EFOSC_img_acq_MoveToSlit. The position of the slit was corrected by 5 pixels!! We consider this difference in the position of the slit is important, mainly for the faint targets. Therefore, we are going to try to use this template in the next OBs. The slit position could change from target to target.

--DIMM SEEING 0.89"--

UT 00:45 LSQ12hot airmass=1.5 gr13 sl 1.0 Aborted. We forgot the paralactic angle when we change the acquisition template.

UT 01:00 LSQ12hot airmass=1.64 gr13 sl 1.0

UT 02:39 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=1.76 UBVRi

UT 03:10 Small technical problems.

UT 03:30 OGLE-2012-SN-006 airmass=1.93 gr13 sl 1.0

--DIMM SEEING 1.0"--

UT 06:05 CSS130214:110748+243938 airmass=1.70 gr13 sl 1.0 **Classification: type Ia SN but peculiar?

(we have problems with the pipeline and this target)

--DIMM SEEING 1.2"--

UT 06:48 PSNJ15213475-0722183 airmass=1.58 gr11 sl 1.0

UT 09:09 EG274 airmass=1.11 gr11,13,16 sl 1.0 Flux STD

UT 09:25 PG1323 airmass=1.12 UBVRigrz Photometric STD

UT 09:35 HD 131923 airmass=1.06 gr13 Specpol STD

UT 09:52 skyflats zi

UT 10:07 END of the night.