Night report 2019-01-13

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Fabio Ragosta

TIO: Pablo Arias

Initial conditions: good with thin cirri

DIMM seeing available

00:45 image analysis with SOFI at the position of SN18ivc

01:04 SN2018ivc: seeing~0.7-0.8" from the RTD (dimm~1.5")

01:04 SN2018ivc: JHK on&off (no electronic noise, rotator angle 87)

01:42 SN2018ivc: seeing~0.7 from the RTD

02:12 SN2019cj:  seeing~0.8-0.9" from the RTD

02:15 SN2019cj: JHK on source (no electronic noise, rotator angle -113)

03:04 SN2019cj: noise appears at rotator angle -148

03:09 SN2019cj: noise disappears at rotator angle -153

03:30 switch to EFOSC2

03:42 image analysis at the position of SN18kzr

03:54 SN2018kzr: gri seeing~1" from the RTD (dimm~0.9")

05:04 SN2018kzr: r-band seeing~1.4" somewhat out of focus due to temperature variations

05:12 SN2018kzr: paused before i-band sequence to move M2

05:17 SN2018kzr: resumed i-band sequence w/seeing~1" (dimm seeing jumping)

05:55 AT2019oa: gr13 slit1" classification

06:08 SN2017ens: no transient detected in 60s acquisition in the i band

06:25 SN2017ens: aborted and restarted with rotator angle offset -10.7

06:32 SN2017ens: gr16 slit1" 2x2700s seeing~1" from the RTD

07:19 SN2017ens: no signal,  2nd gr16 2700s integration aborted

07:21 AT2019cp: gr13 slit1" classification

07:43 AT2019qr: gr13 slit1" classification

08:05 AT2019qo: gr13 slit1" classification seeing~1" from the RTD

08:39 PESSTO_bias

08:47 PESSTO_calib


Final conditions: variable seeing and cirri getting thicker