Night Report 2016-08-08

Observing: Tom Reynolds

Support Team: Morgan Fraser

TAT: Joe Anderson, Janet Chen

Weather conditions

Start of night:  Clear, seeing ~0.8"

Middle of night: Clear, seeing ~1.2"

End of night:



Daytime: Sofi spec arcs and flats

Evening: -

Morning: BR flats


Started with SOFI

22:44    Flux std, EG274

23:06    Image Analysis

23:31    SN2016adj (follow-up):

            Observed JHK imaging, BG+RG spectrum. Replaces previous out of focus data.

23:37    End of Twilight

01:00    Telluric HIP68867

01:25    Switched to EFOSC

01:33    Standard EG131 and Image analysis

02:05    AT2016eqg (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 600s, slit 1.0". Not SN, balmer lines at z=0

02:25    AT2016esk (classification):

            Attempted, nothing at target position, transient vanished

02:39    Gaia16axp (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 300s, slit 1.0". Not SN, Ha and Hb at z=0. source towards gal centre

02:50    AT2016eny (classification):

            Observed, Gr13 600s, slit 1.0". Ia about a week past max

03:07    PS16drf (classification):

            Observed Gr13 900 slit 1.0". Ia spectrum, but with H emission line with P cygni profile.

03:32    AT2016enl (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 900s, 1.0". Spectrum too noisy for clear classification, came back.

03:55    PS16dqz (classification):#

            Observed Gr13, 1500, slit 1.0". Noisy spectrum. Likely Ha emission at z=0 so probably not SN

04:31    PS16dqv (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 1500, slit 1.0". Type II, broad H emission with P cygni. Potential IIb?

05:02    AT2016enl (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 1800s, slit 1.0". Still not sure of classification.

05:41    SN2016enp (follow-up):

            Observed Gr11+16, 1800s, slit 1.0"

07:07    SN2016ado (follow-up):

            Could not see object for acquisition, too faint

07:17    AT2016eij (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 600s, slit 1.0". Ia, 2 weeks post max

07:34    PS16drm (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 600s, slit 1.0". Ia, 6-10 days post max

07:57    AT2016eso (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 300s, slit 1.0". Type II, blue continuum with narrow balmer sequence in emission. IIn? Returning for Gr11

08:10    AT2016emx (classification):

            Observer Gr13, 900s, slit 1.0". Ia, a few days post max

08:25    AT2016eso (follow-up on classification):

            Observed Gr11+16, 1500s, slit 1.0¨. See above

09:35    AT2016emr (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 300s, slit 1.0". Ia 4-7 days post max

09:45    AT2016ejf (classification):

            Observed Gr13 900s, slit 1.0". Ib/c, post-max

10:00    Beginning of Twilight

10:10    AT2016eqh (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 600s, slit 1.0". Blue continuum.

10:26    AT2016esi (classification):

            Observed Gr13, 300s, slit 1.0". Noisy spectrum, blue continuum, probable Ha emission at z=0.