Night report 2015-10-04

Observers: Joe Lyman and Heather Campbell

Data reduction: Morgan Fraser 

Start of night:

High cirrus clouds at sunset in parts of the sky

wind~10m/s Northerly, humidity ~30

Starting the night with SOFI

UT 23.25 Flux standard EG274 and image analysis

23.50 Telluric standard ASASSN-14oz

24.00 ASASSN-14oz spec RG+BG

02.35 ASASSN-14oz    JHK photometry

02.50 Telluric standard ASASSN-14oi

02.55 ASASSN-14oi spec BG

04.30  PSNJ0205 BG+RG

Clouds beginning to come over.

07.00 Telluric standard PSNJ0205


07.10  PSNJ0205 JHK photometry - stopped part way through, so repeated.

07.30 Changed to EFOSC

Quite cloudy so going to concentrate on brighter things.

07.35 MASTERJ003918.04+035659.6 aka ASASSN-15qc: Ia probably pre peak

07.45 LSQ15bci: Ia after ~week after peak

08.05 Ogle15iy: probably AGN

08.45 STANDARD L7459