Observers: Simon Hodgkin, Nadia Blagorodnova, Matthew Nicholl

Sunset: UT 23:19 / Twilight 00:32 - 09:16 / Sunrise 10:29      LST 6-16hrs

Classification      Followup    Stds:     Tech probs

All times in this report approximate UT   (Chilean time currently UT - 3hrs)

EFOSC: All OBs in the 188.D-3003(Q)/VM/EFOSC2 directory on the observers OB Execution machine (wg5dhs)

On wg5dhs - OBs held in /home/visitor/p2pp-impex/nblago 

Phot std finders at

Afternoon Calibrations

UT: - Bias runs - PESSTO_bias       (11 bias frames - execution time 6 mins)

UT: - Spec flats and arcs 

Twilight Calibrations

UT: 2325 - Sky flats UBVRi

UT: 2330 - sky conditions good, no clouds, no wind

UT: 2350  - focus - seeing ~1.1 arcsec


UT: 0001 - GD71 - Spec flux std  - g11/13/16 with 1 slit (15m OB)

UT: 00?? -  FollowUp  LSQ12hot g13 (30m exp)

UT: 0105 Classification OGLE19 (15m exposure) airmass=1.9

UT: 0124 - telescope image analysis on RU 152, finished at 01:45, 0.9 arc sec seeing

UT: 0145 RU152 UBV imaging photometric standard

UT: 0206 FollowUp OGLE2013-SN-016 g11 (1h40m)

UT: 0348 FollowUp SN2013ai g11 (1h10m)

UT: 0507 Flux STD (15min) EG274

UT: 0519 PG1323 UBV imaging photometric standard

UT: 0531 FollowUp SSS130221:133330-194457 g11 (2x30m)

UT: 0646 Classification SSS130307:114002-350527 g13 (10m)

UT: 0706 Classification SSS130307:100006-341401 (10m)

UT: 0712 FollowUp SN2013K UBV (30m)

UT: 0745 FollowUp SN2013K gr13 (1h20m)

UT: 0913 Classification PSNJ18 gr13 (5min)

UT: 0925 UBV STD field PG1323

UT: 0932 Flux STD (15min) EG274

UT: 0951 Classification CSS130307:134411+030344 GR13 (10 min) ... looks a bit faint

UT: 1003 Arcs (aborted at end)

Didn't manage to get flatfields for the imager at end of night. Sky still clear.