Night report page - 20130102

Observers: Jesper Sollerman, Francesco Taddia

Data reduction team: Mattias Ergon, Giorgos Leloudas

Observations with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing >1"

UT 00:04  EFOSC2  skyflats UBVRi

UT 00:35  image analysis

UT 00:45  STDPHOT pg2336              UBVRi

UT 00:55  CSS121015:004244+132827     BVRi (good S/N)

UT 02:05  SSS120810:231802-560926     BVRi (Bband exposure time = 1x300s + 1x262s,

 we changed the pointing after the first exposure because the SN was too close to a column of bad pixels.

 The image quality is not high given the high airmass, however the SN is clearly detected in each band.)

UT 03:15  LSQ12hot                    gr13 *classification (IIn?)

UT 03:45  LSQ12dlf                    R (1st image is wrong field; then we got 3x300s. Unclear if the SN is there.)

UT 04:15  LSQ12hxg                    UBVRi (good S/N)

UT 04:40  LSQ12hxt                    gr13 *classification (Ia)

UT 05:15  STDPHOT RU152               UBVRi

UT 05:25  STDSPEC LTT3218             gr13 / slits 1.0"  

UT 05:40  image analysis

UT 05:50  OGLE-2012-SN-051            gr13 *classification (Ia)

a few minutes lost to find the guiding star

UT 06:40  LSQ12hzo                    gr13 *classification (The spectrum looks like that of a galaxy. We did not see any clear point source

at the galaxy center)

UT 07:15  LSQ12hxn                    gr13 *classification (Ia)

UT 07:50  STDPHOT RU149               UBVRi

UT 08:05  STDSPEC LTT3864             gr13 / slits 1.0" 

EFOSC2 bias, arcs and spectroscopic flat fields not taken in the morning because EFOSC2 had a technical problem