ePESSTO+ Ombudspersons

The ePESSTO+ Ombudspersons are:

The ePESSTO+ Ombudspersons provide confidential, informal, independent, and neutral advisory services for anyone involved in ePESSTO+ on matters pertaining to

The Ombudspersons assist ePESSTO+ scientists in identifying and evaluating options for dealing with possible violations and for resolving and managing conflicts, provides informal mediation services as necessary. The Ombudspersons can help with issues and conflicts that arise during the drafting stages of an ePESSTO+ paper or collaboration meetings and not with problems internal to an academic institution, which can usually be mediated by the appropriate offices in that institution. To maintain independence from conflicts of interest, ePESSTO+ shall have two Ombudspersons from two different ePESSTO+ institutions; ePESSTO+ scientists can contact whichever Ombudsperson they feel is appropriate. In keeping with the informal, confidential, and independent role, notice to the Ombudsperson about a problem does not result in the generation of records. The ePESSTO+ Ombudspersons report only to the ePESSTO+ Principal Investigator and the Science Board Chair, but do not share any confidential information.