Night Report 2014-10-15

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Hanindyo Kuncarayakti, Paula Zelaya

TAT: Morgan Fraser, Kate Maguire

Data reducers: Santiago Gonzalez, Lluis Galbany

15 Oct: EFOSC2 night, spectroscopy only

Moon: 46%, rises at 5:30 UT.

Cloudy at start of the night.

==== L O G ====

EFOSC2 calibrations taken in the afternoon.

Layers of clouds at start of the night.

--- DIMM seeing 1.1" ---

UT 00:15 Image analysis, but result not so good because of clouds.

UT 00:30 Feige110 at X=1.2

UT 00:50 Image analysis

--- sky getting worse ---

UT 01:05 ASASSN-14il gr11+gr16 at X=1.3 .............. failed to guide, no star seen!