Night Report 2015-01-26

Observers: Christoffer Fremling, Anders Nyholm

TAT: Joe Anderson, Maria Teresa Botticella

No clouds at the start of the night. Seeing kept dropping during the beginning of the night, stayed below 1.0'' almost all night.

(Times are in UT)


 - 21:xy PESSTO_bias, PESSTO_calib

 - 23:43 Sunset

 - 00:00 PESSTO_SkyFF BR

 - 00:30 Focusing

 - 09:45 PESSTO_SkyFF UVi


 EFOSC observations  

 - 00:47 ASASSN-14il, Airmass=1.69, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: followup gr13, 1200s

 - 01:13 ASASSN-14il, Airmass=1.93, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: followup photometry, B x 40s, V x 20s, R x 10s, i x 16s 

 - 01:26 LSQ14gqk, Airmass=1.09, Seeing=0.7''

 Comment: followup gr13, 2000s

 - 02:07 ASASSN-14ko, Airmass=1.05, Seeing=0.6''

 Comment: followup gr11, 1500s and gr16, 1500s

 - 03:18 OGLE-2015-SN-024 , Airmass=1.56, Seeing=0.5''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1500s

 - 03:53 OGLE-2015-SN-029 , Airmass=1.59, Seeing=0.6''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1500s

 - 04:31 OGLE-2015-SN-035 , Airmass=1.35, Seeing=1.0''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1100s

 - 04:52 CSS150117-104148-014721, Airmass=1.32, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1500s

 - 05:26 CSS150124-114309+192629, Airmass=2.07, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1100s

 - 05:50 LSQ15fg, Airmass=2.20, Seeing=0.7''

 Comment: classification gr13, 1200s

 - 06:24 LSQ14an, Airmass=1.24, Seeing=0.9''

 Comment: followup photometry BVRi 6x200s in each filter (dithering)

 - 08:03 LTT 3864, Airmass=1.05, Seeing=0.8''

 Comment: standard, gr11, gr16, gr13 in 1.0'' slit (skipped 1.5'' slit, since not used tonight)

 - 08:17 LSQ15ey, Airmass=1.25, Seeing=0.7''

 Comment: new classification attempt, gr13, 1800s




- AS14il, gr13 + photometry BVRi

- LSQ14gqk, gr13

- AS14ko, gr11 & gr16

- LSQ14an, BVRi 6x200s (dither)


- OGLE24, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.073, age +7d

- OGLE29, gr13, Type IIP, z=0.065, age +7d

- OGLE35, gr13, Type ? (continuum spectrum)

- CSS150117-104148-014721, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.126, age -1d

- CSS150124-114309+192629, gr13, Type Ia, z=0.066, age -2d

- LSQ15fg, gr13, Type Ia (91T?), z=0.1, age around 0d

- LSQ15ey, gr13, continuum spectrum