Night Report 2015-12-02

Observers : Laurent Le Guillou, Rémy Le Breton

Support team : Sylvain Baumont

TAT : Joe Anderson, Lluís Galbany

Clouds all over the sky. Improving slowly...

Opening at 05:45 UTC.

A thin layer of high altitude clouds remains.

It get worse around 07:20 UTC.

(times are in UT)


 - Evening : EFOSC_bias, EFOSC_FlatSpec, EFOSC_SpecArc

 - Morning :


--- EFOSC ---

06:00 -- STD GD71 g11, g13, g16

06:17 -- classification PS15cyz 

         II peculiar (?) z = 0.03 (contaminated by the galaxy)

06:56 -- follow-up OGLE-2013-SN-118

         spectrum g11 of the host galaxy, as requested.

07:15 -- classification PS15cyh

         spectrum of low S/N...

         contaminated by the galaxy.

07:48 -- STD LTT3864 g11, g13, g16.


A low quality night, with a lot of high altitude clouds, and the moon

for the second half of the night.