Night report 2022-09-15

Final image of night report will be uploaded here, you can view the live updated version here:

Observers: Marcus Toy, Matthew Grayling

Support: Phil Wiseman, Chris Frohmaier

TAT: Emmy Paraskeva, Andrea Reguitti, Thallis de Lourenço Pessi

Telescope Operators:  Angelica Leon

Night start time:  23:10

Start:  23:10, lightly cloudy skies, 22% humidity, 7.0m/s windspeed, seeing 0.8"

Middle: 05:18, thin clouds, 15% humidity, 9.0m/s windspeed, seeing 1.1"

End:  09:52 thin clouds, 9.0% humidity, 13.5m/s windspeed, seeing 1.3"

Night end time: 09:52

Afternoon calibrations: EFOSC (Bias, dome flats, spectroscopic arcs), SOFI(JHK Sky Flats)

Morning calibrations:  None needed