Night Report 2017-09-30

Observers: Kris Rybicki, Simon Hodgkin

TAT: Regis Cartier, Janet Chen

Support team: Morgan Fraser, Emma Callis

Calibrations: biases, dome arcs+flats

Conditions: Clear overhead - cloud looks like its all on the horizon. Seeing 1.5ish arcsec

Problem identified in the afternoon with the telescope Azimuth. Not fixed by sunset.

23:36 UT - telescope fixed, and setup beginning (for SOFI)

00:20 Clear outside, seeing not great

01:50 Refocus

02:20 Looks clear out

Sunrise: clear

UT Target Type Comment


00:21 AT2017gah JHK Pho

02:05 SN2016iks JH Pho

03:34 SN2016iks K Pho

04:31 ASASSN-15og JH Pho

06:00 ASASSN-15og K Pho

07:00 AT2017fzw JHK Pho

08:20 AT2017fzw GR11+GR16 FUP

09:24 GD71 STD