Night report 2021-07-28

Observers: Sara Muñoz, María Delgado, Raúl González, Lluís Galbany

Support: Ben Gompertz, Evan Ridley, Matt Nicholl

TAT:  Claudia Gutiérrez, Nancy Elias-Rosa, Phil Wiseman

EFOSC Calibrations:

Bias, calib

Evening: Skyflats UBVRi could not be done due to instrument problems

Morning: Skyflats grz could not be done due to the wind


Start: humidity ~5%, wind ~6.3m/s, seeing ~1.05"

Middle: humidity ~3%, wind ~6.9m/s, seeing ~1.64"

End: humidity ~5%, wind ~16.2m/s, seeing ~1.46"

Comments (times in UT):

The final standard was taken from the OT system because there was no standard available in the P2 master folder: S034822.17_LTT1788_13.16_F

We had to finish the observation due to the wind at 10:10 UT.