Night Report 2017-02-03

Observer: Francesco Taddia

TAT on duty: Janet Chen, Lluís Galbany 

Support team: Cristina Barbarino, Anders Nyholm, Emir Karamehmetoglu, Jesper Sollerman

Daytime calibrations: 


Twilight calibrations: No evening flats due to high humidity and clouds.

Weather: clouds covering the sky, high humidity at the beginning of the night.

High humidity, clouds and strong wind until 07:40, when we finally opened. 

UT/Target/RA/DEC/time spent(min)/slit/grism or filter /description

07:44  SN2016iyd          07:37:09.76   -52:19:04.1   53      1        gr11                       FOLLOW-UP. 

08:39  AT2016jbu          07:36:25.96   -69:32:55.2   30      1        gr11+gr16             FOLLOW-UP.       

09:13  LTT3864             10:32:13.90   -35:37:42.4   14      1        gr11+gr16+gr13   Spectral standard. 

09:27  end of the night