Night report 2022-03-29

Observers: Ken Smith, Thomas Moore
Support: Shubham Srivastav, Michael Fulton
TAT: Tomás Müller, Nada Ihanec, Tom Reynolds, Claudia Gutiérrez.

Afternoon setup: PESSTO bias+calib

Evening setup: EFOSC griz skyflats

Morning setup:

Start: 23:42 UT, thin clouds, humidity 24%, wind speed 1.5 m/s, seeing 1.0" (DIMM)

Middle: 04:47 UT, clear, humidity 11%, wind speed 2.5 m/s, seeing 0.8" (DIMM)

End: 10:14 UT, clear, humidity 25%, wind speed 4.9 m/s, seeing 1.3" (DIMM)

We tried to observe SN2021zcl but the object not visible on the Telescope control panel and only just visible after opening in DS9.  We decided to abandon for the time being and will hopefully return to it during this subrun.

Night Report 2022-03-29