Night Report 2016-03-06

Observing: Stefan Taubenberger, Tamar Faran, Markus Kromer

Support Team: N. Elias-Rosa

TAT: Joe Anderson, Annalisa De Cia

Weather conditions

Start of night: partly cloudy, humidity ~ 55%, wind~ 3 m/s

Middle of night: thick clouds, humidity ~ 35%, wind~ 8 m/s

End of night: clear, humidity ~ 40%, wind~ 8 m/s




Morning: PESSTO_SkyFF_mor_irgz


01:35 UT: Image analysis *

02:05 UT: Follow up: OGLE15xl, griz, 5x200s +3x4x200s, seeing ~1.4"

03:10 UT: Repeat image analysis

03:30 UT: Follow up: Gaia16afe, gr13, 2400s, seeing ~1.3" **

04:45 UT: closed dome

07:20 UT: reopened dome

07:30 UT: Follow up: SN2016aj, ri, 8x100s + 8x100s , seeing ~1.2"

08:10 UT: Follow up: LSQ15adm, BVgri, 3x300s, 3x200s, 3x300s, 3x200s, 3x200s, seeing ~1.3"

09:25 UT: Standard: EG274, gr13, 2x60s, seeing ~1.3"

10:00 UT: End of the night

* the start of the night was delayed due to clouds

** the dome had to be closed in the middle of the second exposure due to clouds