Night report 2013-12-01

Observers: Michel Dennefeld, Joe Lyman, David Bersier TO: Ariel

Support team: J Maund

TAT on duty: Andrea Pastorello, Annalisa de Cia


Instruments: EFOSC2. Note that tests have been running on SOFI for the last two days; we can't use the instrument before these tests are done.


beginning: wind speed 3 m/s; humidity 30 % ; clear

middle: wind speed m/s; humidity %; clear

end: wind speed m/s; humidity %; clear

Afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC2 bias, arcs, dome flats

OBSERVATIONS: start regularly at sunset. Sunset at UT23:37, start of night at UT01:02

Evening sky flats: BR (5 each)

Target Type UT Filt/Gm Slit Grade Comments

SMTJ0570507-3626231 Class 00:35 g13 1 A Ia, +5d, z=0.056 from Halpha

CSS121015-004244+132827 Follow 00:59 g13 1.5 B

OGLE-2013-SN-079 Follow 01:53 griz B highly variable seeing

LSQ13dhs Class 03:53 g13 1.5 A/B Ia, nearby/near max, z~0.15

SN 2013fc Follow 04:32 g11 1.5 B poor seeing

OGLE-2013-SN-130 Class 05:51 g13 1.5 B rotator angle = -22deg, to avoid nearby star. Strange spectrum.

L745a Std 06:27 all 1/1.5

LSQ13deg Class 06:59 g13 1 A/B blue continuum, possible em line 8100 A

LSQ13dig Class 07:32 g13 1 A Ia near max, z~0.08

LTT3864 Std 08:01 all 1/1.5 A

Morning calibrations: Sky flats r, z, g