Night report page - 20121212

Observer: Laurent Le Guillou

Data reduction team: Sylvain Baumont, Yen-Chen Pan, Mark Sullivan.

Observing with EFOSC2 the all night.


Seeing ~ 0.8" (beginning of the night) going down to 0.6"


EFOSC2 bias + arcs / dome flats + skyflats grz

 UT 00:39     STD vma2  gr11 + gr13 + gr16

 UT 00:55     CSS121015 gr13 + UBVri

 UT 02:22     PHOT STD PG02331 (half exposure time to avoid saturation, two exposures for each filter)

 UT 02:39     LSQ12hjq  gr13 *classification* 

Interrupted. Telescope problem (same than yesterday). The TO has to go to the NTT.

 UT 03:22     LSQ12hjq  gr13 *classification* SNIa z=0.163 age=-5d (SNID)

 UT 03:53     LSQ12hcm  gr11 + gr16

 UT 05:12     LSQ12gpw  gr11 + gr16

 UT 06:11     LSQ12hja gr13 *classification* galaxy spectrum ??

 UT 06:43     STD gd71 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

 UT 06:46     PHOT STD RU149 (idem)

 UT 07:14     LSQ12hle gr13 *classification* SNIa z=0.113 age=-6d (SNID)

 UT 07:44     PHOT STD RU149 (idem)

The same telescope problem occurred again.

 UT 08:34     STD LTT3864 gr11 + gr13 + gr16

skyflats UBVRi