Night report 2017-08-28

The night's conditions were not photometric

Observers: Joe Lyman, David Homan

Support team: Lluís Galbany

TAT: Joe Anderson

Calibrations: EFOSC: bias, arcs

Conditions: Clear sky but strong wind. Seeing stayed below 1.5" early in the night. Jumped above 1.5" around 4:30 and stayed there.

Telescope had to close due to wind at the end of the night, cutting short our standard star exposures

UT Target Type Comment


23:00 PS17egl Follow up H imaging; no detection in individual frames

00:50 AT2017gah Follow up SOFI BG

02:00 Hip089430 Telluric Standard

02:05 EG274 Flux Standard

02:10 AT2017gah Follow up JHK imaging

02:25 - - Switch to EFOSC + image analysis

02:45 LTT 7379 Standard

03:10 AT2017gih Classification Noisy blue continuum, classification unclear

03:30 - - Repayment for exchanged time

04:35 AT2017gip Classification Type IIP SN

04:55 ATLAS17jsb Follow up g11

05:30 ATLAS17jsb Follow up g16

06:15 OGLE17olq Classification Non detection

06:25 ATLAS17jxd Classification Type Ia SN, a few days prior to peak

06:45 AT2017ghw Classification Type IIn SN

07:10 ATLAS17jsk Classification Type Ia SN, likely subtype 91T

07:30 PS17edg Classification Red continuum, showing possible broad line features

08:00 AT2017ggv Classification Both AGN and type IIn templates match in SNID; object is located away from the host core

08:10 AT2017ggt Classification Non detection (possible object on edge of bright host centre, seeing too high)

08:20 AT2017gig Classification Young type Ia SN

08:40 PS17ebt Classification Galaxy spectrum

09:10 ATLAS17jxe Classification Type Ia SN, possibly subtype 91T

09:35 OGLE17nif Classification Blue continuum, possible narrow H_alpha emission at z=0

09:55 VMA2 Standard Interrupted by weather: telescope had to close