Night report page - 20130220

Observers: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Antonia Morales-Garoffolo

Data reduction team: Sandra Benitez, Stefan Taubenberger


Observations with EFOSC2. Humidity lower than 20% all night. Slight variation of the seeing along the night.

Calibration data done in the afternoon.

UT 23:40      skyflats  UBVRi

UT 00:15      Focus + image analysis

UT 00:27      s82_0237-0054                  airmass=1.68     gri                  Photometric STD in gunn filters.

UT 00:31      s82_0304-0110                  airmass=1.52     gri                  Photometric STD in gunn filters.

UT 00:35      s82_0315+0103                  airmass=1.53     gri                  Photometric STD in gunn filters.

UT 00:41      GD71                           airmass=1.42     gr11,13,16 sl 1.0    Flux STD.        

--DIMM SEEING 0.58"--

UT 01:02      LSQ12hxg                       airmass=1.29     gr13 sl 1.0 

UT 03:03      SN2012fr                       airmass=2.01     gr11,16 sl 1.0

UT 04:10      SN2013U                        airmass=1.16     gr11,16 sl 1.0


UT 05:18      SN2012hs                       airmass=1.07     gr13 sl 1.0          We stopped the second spectrum. The flux of the first one was good enough.

--DIMM SEEING 0.6"--

UT 06:42      SN2013K                        airmass=2.01     gr13 sl 1.0

UT 08:09      SN2012ca                       airmass=2.13     gr13 sl 1.0

UT 09:25      EG274                          airmass=1.08     gr11,13,16 sl 1.0    Flux STD.

UT 09:40      skyflats  irg            

UT 10:11      END of the night