Night Report 2016-12-28

Observers: Aleksandar Cikota, Ken Smith

TAT on duty: Michel Dennefeld, Morgan Fraser, Mark Magee

Support team: QUB, TBD, Mark Magee

Daytime calibrations:

EFOSC2: PESSTO_calib (arcs only) , PESSTO_bias

Weather conditions: clear. 47% humidity, raising. Wind ~0.7m/s, pyrgeometer "thin clouds". Seeing ~1.9"


00:30 UT: Image analysis.

01:00 UT: Follow up of SN2016ezh, JHK

01:30 UT: Telluric standard Hip010449

01:36 UT: Follow up of SN2016ezh, BG+RG

04:14 UT: Telluric standard Hip010449. Seeing ~1.3"

04:20 UT: SOFI Flux Standard star GD71. Seeing ~1.5"

04:35 UT: Follow up of 2016hvl, JHK.

05:05 UT: change to EFOSC


05:08 UT: Image analysis

05:28 UT: Acquisition of classification targets AT2016ixk/ixj - the bright one is real, the fainter one is not visible.

05:35 UT: Follow up of AT2016iyd, gr11

06:08 UT: Standard star LTT3864

06:32 UT: Classification of AT2016izi. Seeing ~0.9". Looks stellar. SNID is not able to classify it.

06:45 UT: Classification of ATLAS16eah. Stellar??

07:01 UT: Classification of AT2016jbs. SN Ia a few days pre-peak. z~0.06.

07:16 UT: Classification of AT2016jbc. Stellar?

07:32 UT: Classificaiton of AT2016jaj. The faint one - noisy spectrum. Classification: ?

08:08 UT: Classificaiton of AT2016jby. Type II with narrow lines? around peak? z~0.03.

08:24 UT: Classification of AT2016izv. Normal Ia ~2 weeks after peak. z~0.06.

08:40 UT: End of night.

08:41 UT: PESSTO_calib (arcs only)