Night report 2019-01-14

Observers: Felipe Olivares, Fabio Ragosta

TIO: Pablo Arias

Initial conditions: clear


00:10 sktflats gri

00:30 image analysis at the position of SN18ivc

00:45 SN2018ivc: seeing~1" in the acquisition

00:52 SN2018ivc: gr13 slit1" 1800s

01:24 SN2019cj: seeing~1" in the acquisition (dimm~1-1.5)

01:46 SN2019cj: gr11 slit1" 2700s

02:33 SN2018eph: seeing~1.3" in the acquisition

02:43 SN2018eph: gr13 slit1" 2700s

03:37 L745a: focus quick adjustment

03:40 L745a: seeing~1"

03:44 L745a: gr11+13 slit1"

03:49 AT2019rm: gr13 slit1" 300s

04:01 AT2019qe: gr13 slit1" 1500s

04:35 AT2019qc: gr13 slit1" 1500s

05:10 AT2019so: gr13 slit1" 600s

05:27 SN2017ens: seeing~1.2" on the RTD

05:43 SN2017ens: gr16 slit1" 2700s

06:37 SN2017ens: seeing~1" from the RTD

06:44 SN2017ens: gr11 slit1" 2x2700s 

08:16 LTT3864: gr11+13+16

08:29 PESSTO_bias

08:38 PESSTO_calib

Final conditions: thin layer of cirri