Night report 2013-11-23


Observers: Michel Dennefeld, David Bersier       TO: Pablo

Support team: Stephen Smartt, Ken Smith

TAT on duty: Richard Scalzo, Cosimo Inserrra


Instruments: EFOSC2


beginning: wind speed 3 m/s, humidity 35%, fairly cloudy

middle: wind speed  5 m/s, humidity 20%, cloudy, poor conditions

end: wind speed  9 m/s, humidity 24 %,  cloudy

afternoon CALIBRATIONS: EFOSC2 Spectroscopic arcs

OBSERVATIONS:  start regularly at sunset.

All night with EFOSC2, spec with slit 1"

Object                                  Filters/grism           UTstart   Grade   comment

SN 2013fq                          g11+g16                  00:40       A

LSQ13cuw                         g13                            01:50       ?           faint (clouds?), not sure what this is, blue continuum

PS1-13eao                  g13                     02:20     B       seemingly young Ia, -12d, z=0.033, reddish continuum

PSN015914+1901           VRi                             02:55       

SN 2013ej                          g11+g16                   03:50       A          seeing ~1"

LSQ13dbj                           g13                             05:17      B          looks like broad Balmer lines in emission at z~0.06 (seeing ~0.9")

LSQ13dbn                          g13                            06:09       C         seriously cloudy, looks like normal Ia at z~0.1

LSQ13dbn                          g13                            06:41       C         try it again. Even fainter than first attempt

LSQ13dbx                           g13                            07:20       B         looks like Ia at z~0.08, near max

Several objects tried but looked too faint on acquisition images. A fair amount of time spent trying to observe "between" the clouds. This resulted in quite high airmass observations for some objects (better that than no photons at all).

Calibrations morning: EFOSC bias; EFOSC dome spec flats + arcs