Night Report 2016-11-04

Observers: Georgios Dimitriadis, Miika Pursiainen

Support Team: Southampton

TAT on duty: Regis Cartier, Joe Lyman

All following times in UT

The night is NOT photometric

Weather conditions:

Start - Few thin clouds in the north, no wind, seeing ~0.6-0.7”

Middle - Clear skies, excellent seeing, reaching 0.4-0.5” at its best

End - Clear skies, seeing ~0.8”









NOTE: Regarding yesterday’s issue with the slight elongation on the images, the TOs run tests in the morning and the telescope is in excellent condition. They came to the conclusion that the issue was probably temperature related. For this night, we will continue checking the acquisition images and if we see distortions, we will re-focus. 


23:50 Telescope focus and image analysis

00:20 AT2016htl, classification, seeing ~0.6”, SN Ia, -7d, z=0.037

00:35 ATLAS16dsc, classification, seeing ~0.6”, Star spectrum

00:50 Feige 110, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~0.7”

01:10 SN2016hnk, follow up, g16, seeing ~0.6”

02:00 SN2016hnk, follow up, g11, seeing ~0.8”,telescope re-focused

02:35 AT2016hqk, classification, seeing ~0.9”, SN Ia, at peak, z=0.06

02:55 SN2009ip, follow up, Vi, seeing ~0.6-0.8”, telescope re-focused

04:15 Feige 110, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~0.5”

04:35 SN2016gkg, follow up, gr11+gr16, seeing ~0.5-0.7”

06:00 OGLE16dmu, follow up, UB, seeing ~0.6”, telescope re-focus and image analysis

06:40 OGLE16eun, follow up, gr11+gr16, seeing ~0.6-0.8”

08:30 L745a, spectroscopic standard star, seeing ~0.9”

08:55 AT2016huh, classification, seeing ~0.7”, SN Ia, at peak, z=0.02

09:10 End of night