Criteria for selecting targets for classification up to mag 20.5

a) Distance (d<40 Mpc; very high priority for candidates at d<25 Mpc)

b) Young phase [i.e. non-detection at < 7 days, or fast rise time (> 0.5 mag/day) or sharp mag drops in very short timescales (e.g. shock breakout signatures]

c) Luminosity extremes (objects with M < -19.5 and M > -15.5; very high priority for objects with M < -20 and M > -14.5)

d) Fast declining light curves (DM> 1 mag/5days) or very slow-rising light curves (t_rise > 30 days)

e) Variability history

f) XRF & GRB alerts

g) Peculiar hosts (i.e. low-luminosity galaxies: M(B) > -18; remote locations in E/S0 galaxies and in the halos of spirals (d > 20 kpc from the nucleus; enhanced star formation environments such as Arp galaxies -interacting systems or tidal galaxy tails or multiple SN galaxies or dust lanes)

h) Window of visibility (e.g. < 3 weeks => lower priority)