Night report 2014-02-20

Observers: Morgan Fraser, Heather Campbell

Support team: Nadia Blagorodnova, Nic Walton

TAT: Nancy Elias-Rosa, Annalisa De Cia

General comments:

Moon was again an issue during the night. We did more classifications during the second half of the night when the moon was up.


Moon: 66% illumination, UT 02.30 onwards


Humidity 40%, wind <5miles per hour, some clouds on the west horizon before sunset.

Seeing between 1" and 1.5" throughout night (from DIMM and measured off images)


23.40 UT    Start of twilight

23.45 UT sky flats grz

00:05 Image analysis, seeing 1.1" from dim

00:17 SMTJ013533283-5757506 (classification) GR13

                Returned to this object again as unclear classificaiton yesterday, blue featurless contimum at that S/N (5mins exposure). Much better S/N 20mins (exposure), narrow feature at ~7500A, attributed to Halpha, puts object at z=0.13, the features in the blue show a resemblence to 10gx? But a clear SN.

00:45 LSQ12dlf (followup)

                Imaging 12*200s V band, ~1" seeing on image, fully dark before moon rise.

01:38 SN2013fc (followup)

                Imaging UBVir, ~1.2" seeing on image.

02:37 STANDARD L745a

03:10 OGLE-2014-SN-004 (classification)

                normal IIp, z=0.03

03:38 CSS140128-100158+255444 (classification) 

                very low S/N spectra, after rebinning obtain Ia, z=0.15, post peak +2 weeks

04.09 OGLE-2014-SN-009 (classification)

                Hard to see the SN when aquired the source, positioned the slit on the galaxy and aligned the slit with the galaxy. Spectra was very galaxy dominated but extracted SN. Type II - clear Halpha line with broad (~2000kms) absorption, at z~0.055.

04:47 LSQ14nr (followup)


05:55 LSQ14ws (classification)

                Blue featureless continum, could be very young SN (consistent with very recent LSQ discovery)

06:28 LSQ14wp (classification)

                Best match 91Tlike premax z~0.07

06:50 MLS140111-122630-031800 (classification)

                Narrow emission lines on a blue continuum, possibly an AGN? Wasn't able to find a self-consistent fit for all the lines, also the blue-most line appears to have a broad base.

07:11 LSQ14tf (classification)

                Blue featurless continuum, at least 12 days old, and possibly post max from the lightcurve

07:36 LSQ14kp (classification)

                Ia, very nice spectra, z=0.03, 9 days post max.

07:55 LSQ14ug (classification)

                Type II z=0.02

08:17 LSQ14vu (classification)

                Best match to a normal Ia a day or two post max, and at z=0.13

08:50 LSQ14vw (classification)

                Ia, +5d, z=0.1