Night Report Page - 20121106

Observers : Santiago Gonzalez, Filomena Bufano, Sebastian Marchi.

Data reduction team : Joe Anderson, Francisco Foster

Humidity ~30%, wind speed around 3-4 m/s, seeing ~0.8-1")

We started with EFOSC with the aim to obtain spectropolarimetry of SN 2012fr, but a weird error message on the rotator angle value ("-9999 value out of range") stopped us. The OBs seem to be OK. We are trying to fix the problem with the supporter in order to perform the observations tomorrow night.

UT00:26 Feige110 STD 11,13,16

--error with UNPol-STD HD13588 OBS-- --start of NEW PLAN (without specpol)--

UT00:53  SN2012ca Ugriz

UT01:10  SN2012fhs BVRi, gr13

UT03:10  CSS121015 BVRi, gr13

UT04:18  LSQ12dlf BVRi

UT05:15  LSQ12fxd gr11+16

UT06:24  SN2012fr  UBVRi, gr11+16

UT06:48  LSQ12fvq class   [SNID: IIP -4d z=0.031]

UT07:13  LSQ12fyf class   [SNID: probably SN with strong contamination, needs careful extraction]

UT07:26  LSQ12gad class   [SNID: gal]

UT07:46  LSQ12fzr class   [SNID: SNIa +1d z=0.148]

UT08:09  OGLE-2012-SN-028  class -- aborted (can't find supernova in finding chart, PESSTOEFOSCPHOT did not work properly)--

UT08:24  GD71 

skyflats grz