PESSTO visibility program

(provided Laurent Le Guillou) 


This package is also available at the bottom of this page for download. 

With this tool it is easy to produce the visibility plots for any PESSTO  target in the marshall.

Like this one:

Targets may be provided either as:

Examples of use:

   visibility --date 2015-03-06  PS15ae_BG_RG.obx ASASSN-15bd

   visibility *.obx

   visibility SN2015D LSQ14an ASASSN-14ha

   visibility SN2015D=[13:12:41.16,+12:36:01.8,2000] vma2 gd71

   visibility --date 2015-02-24 RU152 gd71 OGLE-2015-SN-043 LSQ15ok L745a PSNJ1054 pg1047 PS15ae

Instructions to install it are provided in the package, and are repeated here. 

* Requirements

  You need a C compiler, a recent python installation (>= 2.7),   the python-dev package (including Python.h), and matplotlib/pylab (> 1.3).

* Installation

  1. unpack the tar file:

     tar jxvf observability-0.6.tar.bz2

  2. go into the package directory:

     cd observability-0.6

  3. configure the destination directory. Default is /usr/local:

     ./waf configure --prefix=PREFIX

     for instance:

     ./waf configure --prefix=$HOME/local

  4. Build the program:

     ./waf build

  5. Install it. 

     ./waf install

     If you install in /usr/local, you may need to become superuser

     to do so:

     sudo ./waf install

  6. If you installed the program in a non standard directory, you may need to configure your PATH and you PYTHONPATH


     export PATH=<PREFIX>/bin:$PATH

     export PYTHONPATH=<PREFIX>/lib/python2.7/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH

  7. Test your installation:


     visibility OGLE-2015-SN-043=[05:29:42.71,-72:26:23.7,2000]

     visibility OGLE-2015-SN-043 SN2015D

  8. Enjoy!

                     -- Laurent Le Guillou <>, 2015-02-26

Addendum (Daniele B. Malesani 2019/October/18, based on suggestion by Dave Young): you need to edit the file:


In lines 40 and 55, change the username from "laurent.le-guillou" to your own username (or any valid username), for example . Should you have changed the password, you need to edit that as well.